Join Us! GameSkinny Celebrates Word of the Year Award Winner: Selfie

So, so thankful that Twerk didn't take the title. Let's celebrate!

Selfie was just named Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionaries, thanks to a 17,000% increase in it's use since last year. To celebrate, we here at GameSkinny are sharing some of our selfies.

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Before we begin, let's all take a moment and be glad that runner up, 'twerk' failed to take the title.

...Whew. That was close. This slideshow would have been WAY more awkward.

Here goes!

GameSkinny Featured Columnist and JTP member Destrolyn.Bechgeddig shares this adorable classic Dude with Cat Selfie.

"Cat's name is Freiya. She's a rescue cat so is a little cray cray crayola, but silky soft and super-cute none the less >^.^<"

Featured Columnist and JTP member Stephanie sent us this All Dressed Up Selfie.

"Hereby commemorating about the only time I've ever put on red lipstick and found it good. :)"

Marketing Director Dane shows us a prime example of the Sideways Camera Selfie.

Clay, our Lead Developer, in a classic Underwater Selfie. Way to rock the aviator glasses.

Cardboard Cutout Group Selfie. Whatever is going on here, David the Sales Director assures us it had something to do with energy drinks.

Me and Christina hanging out way to late at night (early in the morning?) at PAX East, taking a Only Slightly Blurry Selfie.

Pinnique's progeny has already mastered two forms of selfie: The classic Myspace Angle Selfie, and the Look How Much More Fun Than You I'm Having Selfie

'Just Another Day' - Izzy Pinnick

GameSkinny Editor Katy epitomizing the Hey Just Hanging Out Selfie.

Our Graphic Designer Richard demonstrates the Hey Check Out My Office Selfie.

Columnist Mary Yeager showsoff the Check Out My Sweet Pajamas Selfie.

The Office Space selfie, courtesy of Darth Paige!

Halloween selfie from Kazz in Space!

First Anime Boston selfie with Courtney Gamache!

Selfalicious with Corey Kirk!

Featured Contributor JohnHeatz shows us a style on trend to become a classic: the View from My Computer Selfie.