Jonathan Blow Thinks Violent Video Games Cause Real-World Violence?

Jonathan Blow tells us his opinion on violent video games.

Jonathan Blow tells us his opinion on violent video games.

A recent news article about an 8 year-old boy shooting his grandmother has caused quite the stir in the gaming news world. Why? Because some of the commentators stated that the boy was influenced because he played violent video games.

Now, many people in the gaming world have continually rejected the idea that games cause children to act out and perform real world violence but game developer Jonathan Blow stated on his twitter earlier this evening, quite passive-aggressively might I add, that he thinks that violent video games might have some affect on real world violence.  Here are just some of the tweets he sent out tonight:


He is stating that video games do affect mental status in one way or another and that people should at least consider the possibility that violence in video games causes violence in real life.

Blow does bring up good points no matter if I agree with them. What do you think about Blow’s stance on violent video games? Do you agree?

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