[LCS] A Closer Look at TSM Dyrus.

a closer look at TSM Dyrus the current top laner of Team Solomid and how he is the perfect match for the team.

a closer look at TSM Dyrus the current top laner of Team Solomid and how he is the perfect match for the team.

I remember watching TSM vs TL game back on Week 5 and one of my friends said “man, TSM should replace Dyrus, he is the weakest link.” I spent the next hour trying to explain how if TSM replaced Dyrus they won’t be as strong as they are now.

I didn’t convince him (and I didn’t give a damn to be honest). After the TSM vs CLG game, I believe we all noticed the salty interview with Dyrus. I’m not sure if he is really pissed or he is just trolling us (as usual) but for some reason I remembered the conversation I had with my friend like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Here are the reasons that I think Dyrus is the perfect match for TSM:


He has a great understanding of the game, especially top lane and specifically in the current meta.

Dyrus has been playing with TSM since early Season 2, despite meta changes and yet he is one of the strongest top laners in NA. He has a great understanding to the game, especially top lane. and specifically in the current meta, where you can play tanks, mages, fighters , or even utility support on the top lane. Dyrus can play whatever his team needs him to play. Not many top laners in NA can play a different champions with the same consistency.

He has also shown his versatility in his character selection during NA LCS. Dyrus has played 8 different champions throughout weeks 1-8 of the NA LCS

King of the island

its known that Dyrus loves to stay top lane and farm forever. and it’s no secret that TSM likes to leave him on his own island to farm. Before Locodoco, Dyrus had a problem with using his Teleport to join team fights or to contest a dragon with his team. but lately his TPs were on point.

The amazing overall synergy that he built with the rest of the team is just irreplaceable. 


its no secret that teams LOVE to camp Dyrus, and in my opinion, that’s an advantage for TSM. it releases pressure from Bjergsen on mid lane and allow Santorin to snowball both mid and bot. It doesn’t matter how bad early game for Dyrus is. somehow he ends up out-farming his enemy top laner. untill he can group up with the team and start to grab objectives.

The strongest point of TSM Dyrus is that he is TSM Dyrus. He doesn’t play with the selfish solo queue mentality, he won’t do many flashy plays nor he will be known as a hard carry top laner (yet we all know he is capable of going ham if he wants to).what I like the most about him is he understand that this is a team game. he plays for the team, so they can win as a team. and that’s in my opinion, what makes him the perfect match, for TSM.

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