League of Legends: Anivia Spotlight

Here is a champion spotlight for Anivia the Cryophoenix.

Another champion that received changes in the new 4.1 patch, Anivia, is the second champion for my champion spotlight.

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Anivia uses magic based attacks to stun, slow, separate, and damage enemies. With her range, she can poke at enemies without putting herself in too much danger. Keep an eye on her mana though, Anivia still burns through it, even after the updated costs.

Anivia’s Story:

Anivia an embodiment of ice magic and a protector of the Freljord. Living true to her title the Cryophoenix, Anivia has lived countless lifetimes. Every rebirth marks a change in the Freljord, whether it be the inhabitants or the land itself.Being one with the land, Anivia’s fate is tied to Freljord, sensing the dark magic, she teams up with Ashe to save Freljord.

Anivia’s Stats and Skills:

Here is Anivia’s stat chart.

Rebirth (Passive):

Rebirth allows Anivia to avoid death once every 240 seconds by turning into an egg when her health is depleted. Once in egg form, Anivia remains in egg form for six seconds. If Anivia’s egg survives the full six seconds she returns to bird form and can continue fighting. The enemy team will not get a kill if Anivia returns to bird form.

Flash Frost (Q):

This attack has two parts, the first part shoots off a projectile in a straight line damaging any enemies it passes through. The second part detonates the projectile, stunning and damaging any enemies caught in the blast. Flash Frost slows any champion hit with either part for three seconds, and champions caught in the blast are stunned for one second.

Skill Level Minimum Dmg. 
Maximum Dmg. 
(+100% AP)
Tier 1 60 120
Tier 2 90 180
Tier 3 120 240
Tier 4 150 300
Tier 5 180 360


Crystallize (W):

Anivia creates a wall of ice that blocks enemies from moving. As you put more points into Crystallize, the wall length increases. Anivia’s wall can effectively cut a team in half to decimate them.

Frostbite (E):

Frostbite hits target enemy to do magic damage. A target with the chilled debuff applied from Anivia’s Flash Frost, Glacial Storm, or Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow will take double damage if chilled on-hit.

 Skill Level Base Damage Chilled Damage
Tier 1 55 (+50% AP) 110 (+100% AP)
Tier 2 85 (+50% AP) 170 (+100% AP)
Tier 3 115 (+50% AP) 230 (+100% AP)
Tier 4 145 (+50% AP) 290 (+100% AP)
Tier 5 175 (+50% AP) 350 (+100% AP)


Glacial Storm (R):

Anivia places a circle on the ground that deals damage over time. Enemies damaged by Glacial Storm are chilled for one second. If Anivia gets too far away from the circle a particle will appear that only Anivia can see to notify the player. Glacial Storm deals 80/120/160 damage per second with a modifier of +25% AP.

Patch 4.1 Changes:


Anivia received some changes during the recent 4.1 patch. Although they weren’t game changers, they have made support Anivia viable.

Basic Attack:

Anivia’s basic attack projectiles now travel at a speed of 1400 instead of 1100. This allows Anivia to get a little extra damage while using her other skills.

Flash Frost:

Flash Frost’s mana cost reduction made early game mana shortages less of a problem. The ability now costs 80/90/100/110/120 reduced from 80/100/120/140/160.


Crystallize also saw a mana cost reduction, however it’s now a standard cost across the board. The new mana cost is 70 for all levels, reduced from the 70/90/110/130/150 cost.

Glacial Storm:

The change to Glacial Storm was just a notification addition. Now before you move out of range of your AoE, a particle will appear that only you can see. This will make it easier to keep Glacial Storm up while remaining out of enemy range.

Is Anivia The Champion For You?:


Anivia can build as an AP Carry (Mage) or a Support due to the recent mana cost reductions. For optimal support situations Anivia works best with Ashe, since she benefits from effects that Ashe places on enemies as well. Even though Anivia is not as mana hungry as she used to be, you’ll still need to watch her mana consumption.

If you like champions that can CC and deal damage Anivia is a good choice. Aptly placed walls can turn a losing game into a victory. I can only suggest running a few practice matches with Anivia next time she is in the free rotation to really know if she is for you or not.

If Anivia is not the champion for you, check out my other champion spotlights.

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