League of Legends is Competitive Gaming?

Any advice for this beginner?

Any advice for this beginner?
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In my first post, I said how I had never played LoL, and that I’d give it a try.

Now I have gone through the tutorial and I’m still lost….

I mean that, I’m the epitome of “noob” at the moment. I am actually afraid to get into a match after watching a game. It is just all new to me, but so was World of Warcraft. I have played the RTS Warcraft before and this feels like a totally different beast.

But back to my title’s wording, I opened LoL and was greeted with that splash that was telling about the LCS. I had no idea this game was such a phenomenon. I am willing to give this a further try, yet I don’t know if this will be a fit for me.

I do want to pose this question: Since I am brand new, do any of the visitors to this site have any solid advice for a beginner???

Waiting for the flaming to begin,


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