Looking Back: Metroid Prime Hunters

Looking back at the great game that was Metroid Prime Hunters.

Looking back at the great game that was Metroid Prime Hunters.

With Metroid Prime: Hunters just being released on the Nintendo eShop, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force coming out soon, I thought I would look back to look at the innovations that Hunters had to offer. 

It was the first game to use a duel screen and a touch screen. Thanks to the DS’s capabilities, Hunters was able to capture a new style of gameplay which the user was more immersed into the Metroid universe than ever before. The player got to see not only though the eyes of Samus Aran, but got to interact with the screen as well as see displays of your inventory and map.  

Players for the first time got to experience a local and online multiplayer mode with friends and strangers. With this new mode, anyone can share in the fun of shooting each other. Players were able to choose a variety of different bounty hunters and modes such as Battle, Survival, Defender and more. 

The game lacks a certain purple, flying, and sometimes metal space pirate, but makes up for it in new enemies. The goal of the game is defeat new bounty hunters with new designs and patterns that players must overcome and defeat to beat the game!

Even though the graphics are not great by today’s standards, they still hold up to be relatively visible and certainly look better than what the N64 had to offer. 

So yeah — Hunters was great and hopefully Federation Force, will borrow some concepts that made Hunters so good!

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