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An explanation of a well established readworthy comic.

An explanation of a well established readworthy comic.

Noticing the Call of Duty post up there was somewhat demoralizing to my plans, as a journalist aspiring for world domination via the use of flatulating hounds and article posts (Many of the former are lacking.) I have decided to report on LFG, This is a comic called Looking for Group. Have a taste.

 Of course, the main character is this elf Cale’Anon, who is quite literally one of the most naive and overly-trusting of the bunch, with his pet cat Sooba, who I’ll add is one of my favorite characters in the series with what little dialogue he makes lets put, is simply epic.

Next is Richard, quite literally the insane maniac of a warlock/fire mage hybrid of an undead nature you’ll likely see relate directly to World of Warcraft. I think the content in this post is enough to elaborate what he’s like. If he’s not quipping jokes at other peoples expense, he’s speaking about killing things in a casual manner which is nothing less than absolute hilarity.


 Now then, for elaboration, I gave a lot of good criticism to this movie and backed it with my full support, so much so that I am going to put the next comic in the series for those who haven’t been enticed yet.

In short LFG Is a great comic series free online, and with their own movie coming out. Although they lack the funds the movie keeps being put on hold for inept funds, which is a real shame. they need the publicity guys, and they’re one of few artists out there who put their heart and soul into it.

Please, please show a little interest in this series, Its a true joy to all MMO fans out there.

And for just two views a day, you can feed this poor unfortunate trolling hound of the web and prevent him screaming in lolcat “FOR ATTENSHUNZ!”

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