Most Epic Video Game Villains

The most epic Villains from my gaming experiences.

The most epic Villains from my gaming experiences.
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In this post I am giving a short list of my personal favorite most epic video game villains. This means your opinion can differ.  I would love your reactions and feedback upon my list of personal favorites, but that does not mean you can tell me I’m dumb.  These are “my” favorites and I know “my” favorites best.  Your favorites should be different or at least not the same exact list. These are in no particular order.


Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Please attempt to disagree with me.  There is no villain more epic than Sephiroth.  Even just his name is epic.

Illidan Stormrage (Warcraft Series)

Not quite as epic as Arthas, but still a spectacular figure in the Warcraft lore.  I cannot wait until the Warcraft Movie is closer to completion so I can see who is the main character.  I feel as though Illidan is up for the part.

GLaDOS (Portal)

The queen of screwing with your head.

The Lich King, Arthus Menethil (Warcraft Series)

The full story behind Arthas is truly awesome.  He is the prince of the humans.  Trained and sent out to save humanity and in that quest for the ultimate power to achieve this, he is turned by Kel’Thuzad to start using his powers for evil.  Long story short, he gets Frostmourne and goes crazy with power, allies with the scourge and begins taking over the world.

Big Daddy (BioShock)

There are definitely more scary monsters put into video games like Slendermen and, I don’t know, the pyramid guy and what not, but I love how scary these guys can be.  Not to mention the creepy little sisters.

Ganon (Zelda II: The Adventures of Link)

He was always there to taunt you.

Andross (Star Fox 64)

Anyone else remember this boss fight?  It’s like going back and watching some corny childhood show that you use to think was so awesome.  Now look at it!  Just makes me giggle.

G-Man (Half-Life Series)

Notice how creepy this guy is.  Notice how he’s just off in the distance, unreachable, seeming as though everything is in his control at the same time.  His voice sends chills down my spin.  If only more video game villains could live up to the epicness that is G-Man.

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