Most Expensive Gaming Chairs

Looking for the most expensive gaming chairs on the planet? We've got a selection here.

What are the rules? You're supposed to spend money on the things that separate your body from the ground: shoes and mattresses of course. But what about a chair? 

Now, if you've already got the perfect gaming desk, you really need to spend the time finding just the right chair, just perfect for gaming. So this is a list of the most expensive, the most outrageous gaming and computer chairs I could find. 

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Architectural, ergonomic and friendly to the environment? That'll be the Herman Miller SAYL chair. 

Inspired by the lines of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, the SAYL chair is 93% recyclable and weighs just 37 pounds. It also looks like something that fell out of Mirror's Edge

You can get the Herman Miller SAYL chair for $459 from Sit4Life.

If you like racing games, and I mean really like them, then the Playseat F1 Racing Seat might seem like a reasonable thing to own. 

At it's heart, it's a sim-racing chassis made from "the highest quality materials," and with the Limited Edition Red Bull paint job. This beauty will set you back $2,000. 

You can pick one up from the Playseat Amazon

Sitting long hours at your desk, you're bound to start developing the kind of awful posture that will make you look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in your old age. Or at least start to get painful after a few hours. 

What you need is one of the pioneering chairs on the market for ergonomics. Something like the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller, which retails for about $899. 

Want to find out more? Head on over the Sit4Less website


With a chair like this, you'll never have to leave home. 

At $49,000, this is the Emperor 200 from MWE Labs. For the cost of a BMW, you can find yourself in one of these scorpion-like creatures. It comes with Bose surround sound, Italian leather seats, light therapy, and is built to your specifications. 

It looks like it fell out of a sci-fi wet dream. There are, of course, cheaper options. The Emperor 1510 only retails at $5,950. 

For those who saw the Playseat F1 Racing seat and thought, "yeah, but what about the centripetal force? Will I feel it at every turn?" I present to you the VRX iMotion Z-55 Racing Simulator. 

At a cool $61,500, this comes with several unique features including: 

  • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Authentic Italian Sparco racing seat
  • Force-feedback Ferrari F1 steering wheel
  • Three 55' LED HDTV's combined to create a 5760 x 1080 surround vision display
  • Commercial grade D-Box motion system capable of producing 2g of acceleration.
  • 500W, 5.1 surround sound system
  • Support for 45 racing titles
  • Professional Installation

You can check out more about this racing sim chair at the Frontgate website

The Ovei Capsule was initially conceived by Lee McCormack in association with McLaren technologies. The capsule was designed as a modular space to work for the individuals specific interests and needs. 

Back in 2011, however, one of the shown capsules showed an Xbox 360 and LCD television, meaning that this could conceivably be an awesome and insular way to engage in gaming. 

This one will set you back about $100,000. To check out more of the Ovei capsule in action, check out the Ovei website

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