Most Purchased Skin of All Time for League of Legends According to Riot

He's a Master... All I can say.
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Well, well, well, players of League of Legends, can you guess which champion has the most bought skin ever? Will it be the sexy Ahri or the beautiful Queen Ashe with all of her great and wonderful skins? Or is it the adorable demon child, Annie and her bear Tibbers?

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If you thought it was one of the above… Welp, you’re wrong. The most in-game skin sold is, according to this Reddit thread which the eCommerce Director of Riot Games, Hippalus had so graciously commented. Assassin Master Yi is the most purchased skin over all but PROJECT: Yasuo holds the record for most purchased skin during release! 

Assassin Master Yi is still the most purchased skin overall due mostly to free RP according to the eCommerce Director. But the record for most skins purchased during release was set by a new skin in 2014 which has happened to be the Yasuo skin.

Here is Assassin Master Yi:

And here is PROJECT: YASUO:

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