My Best Friend Talks Skyrim and Her Experiences as a Girl Gamer

Nicole enjoys cuddling with cats and stealing all the loot. It's no wonder why we are best friends.

Nicole enjoys cuddling with cats and stealing all the loot. It's no wonder why we are best friends.

Nicole Long isn’t your average college student, although she may look it. Turns out she is actually a hardcore girl gamer, her favorite games including Skyrim and Team Fortress 2.

I was able to talk with Nicole, featured in the image below on the right (I’m on the left), a little about her favorite game and also how she saw the girl gaming life.

Interview Time!

What is your favorite game?


So what attracts you to a game like Skyrim? Is it the RPG aspect or something else?

I enjoy playing RPGs. I like that I can choose where to put my skill points. No matter how many time I play the game is always different.

That’s a great way to put it. What kind of characters do you normally see yourself playing? Do you like the heavy hitters or do you like using magic more?

I like destruction magic the most. I don’t follow the rules in Skyrim. I really just burn and steal everything.

So how do people react when you tell them you’re a girl gamer? I’m sure people don’t look at you and think “Oh wow, that girl must play Skyrim on the reg.”

Most people think it’s cool. I personally don’t see the difference. It’s fun to hop on TF2 and kick butt and when I talk in game people are always surprised.

I always think it’s really cool how you get your male roommates more into gaming, they obviously respect your opinion in gaming. So how do you convince them to game with you?

I’ve introduced my roommates to some cool games. They mostly just play FPS like COD. I’m not into those games because they have no story line and they just seem boring. So far they’ve really enjoyed the games I’ve shown them.

As a girl gamer, what direction do you see female roles going in the gaming industry?

I think that any girl who is interested in video games has the potential to do anything she wants. Sure sometimes there are guys online that give you crap for being a girl, but it’s few and far between.

 Ain’t she just the coolest? Check her out on Stream, her username is pink_7ady

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