My Experience With JTP

With an experience like JTP, being a Journalist never seemed so fruitful and helpful.

I am here to share my experience with the Journalist Training Program, otherwise known as “JTP.” For the first week, I was feeling excited and ready to begin my new path on a hopeful career as a video game journalist. After the first week came to a close, my family pushed me in another direction involving me in their petty issues and then my computer crapped out to which, I then began to feel discouraged and unworthy of doing it. Seven weeks go by, as I have no way of working and it turns out I missed the entire first round of JTP.

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At this point, with beginning the second round soon, I am still discouraged and feel I should step down and allow someone better deserving of it get in the program. I feel I should just become a shadow on GameSkinny until I feel good enough about working towards the career. With my personal goal of moving to California and hitting a bunch of ups and downs, needing to tap into a career as soon as possible, all of these pitfalls are not helping me. I wanted to complete the entire first round with no issues, but some unseen force just didn’t want that to happen. 

I know you may think I am just rambling on being a negative nerf herder, but really I am just sharing my experience as I have seen others do. I will say that JTP is an amazing program for the little I got to do. I met some great people including our jedi master Katy Hollingsworth, Lauren Puga, and many more (Too many to actually list). Amy White has also been of great help with my journey. 

I am also thinking of returning to school to work on a degree for game design, which gets me even closer in this world of games. While I am still contemplating joining the second round or not, I do appreciate the opportunity to join and learn even more. The program will teach you a lot about being in this business, and I obviously didn’t have what it took to continue. If you wish to learn more and get better at your craft, this is the place to be.

I strongly suggest you to do it, only with the mindset that you love writing as much as, if not more than video games. Always be on search mode for news, and be prepared to work day in and day out until Katy tells you you have a day off. My failure and mistakes is another writer’s gain. Enjoy your time with JTP.

– This is Delta Squad Reaper signing off.

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