My Most Embarrassing Gaming Moment

Cupcakecrisis delves deep into her memories and pulled out something that still makes her red.

My most embarrassing gaming memory was when I peed myself–allow me to explain.

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A lot of my first memories are really fuzzy, but I think it tells something that a great majority the ones I remember were video game related; the strong melodies and whimsical soundtracks, peering over shoulders to watch Earthworm Jim. But the first memory that held up HD crystal clear in my memory is the one that ensues.

I was a big girl and that meant I could go to a sleepover!

Accompanied with my 3 big sisters we all went over to my cousin’s house to hang out overnight. Their house was creepy to me already so I had a pre-game of the spooks. 

It had come to the part of the night where they turned off all the lights and popped in a game they just got into their PSOne, Resident Evil 2. I, as a class A scaredy cat, was against it, but decided to keep quiet because in my mind it would make me seem like a baby.

My cousin was guiding the young brunette across the screen when I heard it – we all heard it:

“Lick… lick lick”  

We weren’t sure what it was,but we could tell something was up. I was already frozen in my spot, so much so that I couldn’t go to the bathroom for fear of a zombie snatching my leg. As the teenaged girl  arrived at what looked like a pool of blood, it triggered a cut scene. Claire Redfield raised her head to see some grotesque monster with his brain exposed! It twisted it’s head to reveal it had a terrorizing teeth and a slobbery stabbing tongue. It was a licker! We all screamed in terror like we thought it would pop right through the screen!

And I peed. Can you blame me? Anybody that remembers that exact moment most likely would have done the same. Rewatching it again brings me the absolute chills! That and many more moments solidified the Resident Evil series as one of my favorites.

What’s your most embarrassing gaming moment? 

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