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Two more changes I would love to see Microsoft make to the Xbox One.

Two more changes I would love to see Microsoft make to the Xbox One.

We all know that Microsoft has made some rather big changes to the original plan for the Xbox One. Removing the daily check-in, allowing for trading and buying used games, and, most recently, removing the Kinect requirement to function. These are all great things and I’m so happy Microsoft reconsidered them. They’ve already secured my money, but there are a few more things I think Microsoft could still do to make me happier with my purchase.

Offer an Xbox One Package Without Kinect

I understand that you believe in the Kinect, Microsoft. I can even see it being rather useful in some aspects, but what you need to understand is that the extra $100 it adds to the price of your console is kind of hard to stomach. The room I do my gaming in isn’t big enough to use the Kinect properly anyway, so really, I’m paying $100 for a voice command system and a webcam. I need neither of those things. My Xbox is sitting less than two feet away from me right now. If I want to turn it on, I’ll just reach over and turn it on.

Give the Xbox One Support for Xbox 360 Peripherals

Not everyone may have cringed when they heard that the Xbox One would not support 360 peripherals, but I know exactly who did: myself and nearly every fighting-game player.
Arcade sticks are expensive as hell. Mine cost nearly $150. I really don’t want to drop another $150 on a new one (on top of the price of the Xbox One). It was an even bigger kick in the teeth when they revealed the new Killer Instinct. There is no conceivable reason that my 360 arcade stick shouldn’t work with the Xbox One when I can go plug it into any PC right now and it would probably work.

If Microsoft would do these two things… well, I guess I can’t really say. I’ll buy their console. But it sure would make me a lot happier about buying it.

Are there any extra changes you would like to see added to the Xbox One?

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