Nerd DIY: Increase Your Nerd Cred With This Sweet Papercraft Dragon Age Qunari Emblem

Make all of your nerd friends jealous with this sweet papercraft project straight from Bioware

Make all of your nerd friends jealous with this sweet papercraft project straight from Bioware
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Are any of you out there like me and have a place that is your very own getaway from all of the day-to-day problems and stresses of life? Whether it is a reading Nook with your favorite books lining the walls, a work space with your inspiration surrounding you, a shrine to your favorite cartoon about ponies (freaking bronies… gross), or just a straight-up gamer’s paradise with everything that you collect to show off to your friends; I think we all have one, even if it’s not inside your home, I’ll bet you can think of a place that makes you happier even in the darkest of times.

I call my getaway “The Cave.” Hardly a strain on the imagination, surely, but it works. I have all of my posters, books, nerdy possessions and electronics set up just where I want it, making The Cave a place that radiates with everything I love. But I stumbled across something awesome that I think I am going to try, and you should too!

As I was doing the daily blog slog, something on the Bioware blog stood out. Owen Borstad, a veteran programmer at the studio, created this awesome papercraft that makes the symbol of the Qunari people, a hardened badass race from the Dragon Age series.

After seeing that it was made out of paper–of all things–I quickly wanted to know if I could do that too, and sure enough, the instructions were right there in the post! If I get some extra time over the weekend, I am going to attempt it.

Here is the actual post on how to do it on the Bioware blog.

If you have already done this or plan to do it, post it in the comments so we can all see how awesome you are! 

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