Nintendo Switch Top 5 Features

What makes the Nintendo Switch so unique? Here are a few features that set it apart from the pack.

What makes the Nintendo Switch so unique? Here are a few features that set it apart from the pack.

The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major gaming console released by Nintendo. Released with many features that helped lead to its current success and popularity, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 10 million units this year. This has surpassed the Wii U’s sales and put the Nintendo Switch under a lot of Christmas trees this year. Now, let’s see just what features Nintendo has brought with the Switch to provide entertainment to many families around the world. 


Among the many amazing features, our first feature are the versatile Joy-Cons. Players can use these to attach to the device and play it like a handheld system, or they can detach the Joy-Cons and use them like one would use controllers with a standard gaming system. No other gaming console lets you use your controllers to also control the system as a handheld device. The Switch has many flexible features, and the Joy-Con gives you total control.

HD Rumble

This feature brings a bit of movement to your gaming experience. The HD Rumble makes players feel like they’re immersed into the game they’re playing. Nintendo wanted to almost replicate the feel of actual touch to create an engaging gameplay experience. The IR Motion camera located indeed the Joy-Con senses the shape, movement, and distance of objects.

Shared Experiences

Now that your gameplay is immersive and the vibrations are pulling you closer to every pixel of colorful brilliance, why not share your experience with the world? Share the fun with a gaming party, or enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends. Nintendo allows family and friends to team up against each other. Players can even play online with other Nintendo Switch gamers.

Parental Controls

It’s important to keep children’s gaming monitored, and that’s why a good feature Nintendo has for the Switch is Parental Controls. Nintendo makes this easy and hassle-free. They also allow parents to download the Parental Controls app that monitors:

  • What games your kids play
  • How long they can play
  • If they can post images to social media
Amiibo Support

This feature allows players to use Amiibo accessories to get in-game extras. They have to tap the Amiibo to the NFC touch point on the right Joy-Con controller. By utilizing the Amiibo figures, Nintendo brings a whole new light to integrating figurines into gaming.They can befriend the character that appears in the game. This will allow them to customize their gear, weapons, and settings to the Amiibo figure. It’s a win-win for gamers who collect figures from the company. Nintendo thought outside the box for this system. They really wanted to use every sense, touch, or movement for the Switch and create a truly interactive and visually immersive gaming experience for everyone. 

There’s also another small feature Nintendo Switch has when in handheld mode. It’s called a UI Easter Egg. When unlocking the device from sleep mode, you have to click the left stick in or tap the left shoulder triggers three times to find the egg. 

Creating a console is one thing, but designing a home console to take with you makes life and gaming go hand in hand. Just the thought of playing your favorite game anywhere really separates Nintendo from its competitors. On top of all of these amazing features, this small bundle of joy will introduce Nintendo Switch Online in 2018. 



Nintendo could dominate 2018, and the Switch’s unique features play a very important part in its functionality and appeal. Nintendo has done well to bring us a good console that brings everyone together. 

Why not invest in a Nintendo Switch and enjoy many of the fun and exciting features the Nintendo Switch has to offer?










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