Not Just Another Cat in a Hat, But A Cat In A Fancy Hat

A dandy cat in a fancy cat!

A dandy cat in a fancy cat!

While she may just look like another dandy in a hat, this Charr Ranger is an elite woodsman and tracker.

Wearing her signature hat from which she earned her name she can stalk her foes unseen even while wearing the brightest of armor. Her skills with a bow are nothing to sneeze at, and her enemies are lucky to see her eyes before an arrow finds theirs.

Feeling a little gaudy or eccentric? Here’s all you need to look this snazzy:
  • Invader’s Rawhide Mask, obtained from World vs World. (Note: Only Charr are able to wear this hat without wearing the mask that comes with it)
  • Shoulders are hidden, nothing to see here!
  • Nightmare Breastplate, obtained from Twilight Arbor.
  • Nightmare Gauntlets, obtained from Twilight Arbor.
  • Nightmare Legguards, obtained from Twilight Arbor.
  • Trapper Boots, Charr Tier 3 cultural armor.
  • A combination of Strawberry, Spring Dew, and Lime dyes.

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