On the Wings of Dwayna

Wings of Dwayna inspired Norn Ranger.

Wings of Dwayna inspired Norn Ranger.

I love the range of vanity available in GW2, not just in terms of armor items and dyes, but everything from weapons down to the actual physical look of your character. Playing with different sets and mixing them together to try to create something coherent and unique is honestly one of my favourite parts of the game. 

My Norn ranger was inspired by the lovely Wings of Dwayna longbow. After managing to pluck it from a pvp chest, I was compelled to secure it in pve, and to create a character to wield it.

After spending some time in the character creator and considering the different racial armor available, I settled on this particular look. I pulled armor from some dungeons (Arah and HotW) and a couple of cultural pieces (Norn tier 3 shoulders/boots), and the ascended quiver back piece. The dyes weren’t the cheapest (Celestial, Ancient Silver, Cinders), but I was incredibly pleased with how they looked. After pooling my resources with my partner we eventually managed to secure the bow, and the look was complete!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and thanks for looking 🙂



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