Online Vendors with Awesome Gaming Gear

Looking for some epic merchandise to advertise your favorite hobby? These awesome online vendors are a great place to start!

Looking for some epic merchandise to advertise your favorite hobby? These awesome online vendors are a great place to start!
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Perhaps you've had a busy work week and don't want to be seen in public. Or, maybe, your pajamas are entirely too comfortable to change. Most likely, no shops in the nearby area have even a slightly decent gamer collection. Regardless of your reason, online shopping is an easy way to find gifts for the gamers in your life (including yourself) without having to leave the comfort of your home.

From mainstream sources like ThinkGeek to small business sources like Sanshee to individually owned and operated stores on Etsy, an abundance of vendors are available to fill our gaming merchandise and apparel needs (read: wants). So, where do you start? With the following 12 slides.


Uncommon Designs by Independent Artists Everywhere.

Redbubble works with independent designers to offer designs for Gamers. Redbubble's designs are available on shirts, pillows, cell phone cases, mugs, bags, and more! Designs range from fan-made art based on existing games to mash-ups and generic designs such as birthday shirts. Simply type what you are looking for in the Search and start browsing!

Keep your eye out for specials! As of today (11/27), Redbubble is offering 25% off Samsung and iPhone cases and 20% off everything else. They also tend to run a special for joining their mailing list.

If you would like to browse their products, then take a peek at Redbubble's website.


Order items designed by people like you, made per order by us. Start searching to find something just for you.

Designs on Teespring are made by independent artists like with Redbubble, with one major difference: Teespring designs are only available for a limited time and will only print if enough orders are made. This per-order model allows Teespring to offer their merchandise at lower prices. Designs on Teespring are available on a multitude of merchandise, from apparel to mugs and totes. Designs can be game specific, mash-up, or general "I'm a Gamer."

Teespring often sends coupons through their mailing list and to previous customers. You can also see a sample of their designs on Facebook.

Interested in checking out their designs? It's time to start shopping.


The Product of Fans.

What started as a team of friends renting out an Artist's Alley table in 2009 has grown to a premium brand merchandiser for gaming products. With Collections ranging from the Legend of Zelda to Dragon Age, earrings and scarfs to shirts and plushies, Sanshee has something for everyone. The team constantly expands their collections, and the merchandise is high-quality and durable.

Sanshee's items are reasonably priced, and any sales or coupon codes will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and Sanshee's main site.

You can jump right in and start browsing on their website, or go and find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Join In. Geek Out.

By Geeks, for Geeks. Started in 1999, ThinkGeek is a well-known provider for all-things geek. With products ranging from video game to pop-culture merchandise, Star Wars to Borderlands to Doctor Who, Apparel to Accessories (both for people and for electronics) to Decor.

Geeks were thrilled to learn it is now possible to find physical ThinkGeek locations in the mainland US. However, their heart has always been with the online community.

Fans and the Newly-Discovering can shop ThinkGeek's collections, like them on Facebook, and follow their Twitter.


Buy Awesome, Official Geek Merchandise.

Merchoid has two claims to fame: 

  • Everything they offer is officially licensed
  • Free global shipping

With over twenty game titles to choose from, Gamers have their pick of great shirts, nightwear, toys, figures, etc. For the Holiday season, they've launched a special category of Christmas Sweaters and Jumpers featuring a few fan favorites: Deadpool, Link, Master Chief, Sonic, and more!

Merchoid is a UK-based retailer that is fairly new on the scene, but its creators have years of internet retail experience, as explained on their site:

"Although is definitely the new kid on the block, the team behind it have been in business since 2007, trading as and In that time, these sites have been nominated for multiple industry awards and have the highest videogame store customer service satisfaction in the UK.

As time went on, our team decked out our offices in more and more cool video game and geek merchandise. We reasoned that if we love this stuff, other people must do too. With Merchoid, we’re bringing all the expertise we’ve learned in videogame retail to provide you with the best possible experience in ordering official geek merchandise."

If you would like to browse what Merchoid has to offer, check out their official site.


Massive range of video game merchandise, gaming-inspired apparel, gifts and accessories.

Grindstore is a UK-based retailer for alternative clothing and band merchandise with an extensive collection of gamer gear. From popular top-name brands to slogans and creative designs, Grindstore offers a variety of products that ship to the US, CAN, EU, UK (obviously), and ROW. If you're shopping for holiday presents, then you'd best hurry:

UK Standard: 9am, 21st Dec
UK Express: 4pm, 22nd Dec
EU: 9am, 12th Dec
US & CAN: 9am, 12th Dec
ROW: 9am, 3rd Dec."

If you would like to see what Grindstore has to offer, check out their Gaming selection. You can also like them on Facebook or follow their Twitter.

Insert Coin

Insert Coin is the leading name in high quality, 100% official videogame apparel - designed to help you get your geek on.

Insert Coin is based out of the UK, but they offer worldwide shipping. Their apparel stretches through the genres, from Pokemon to Dark Souls to Journey, so you're bound to find something that suits your style. In fact, they offer selections from 28 titles plus Console-specific options.

All of their merchandise is not only official but also made in close collaboration with the title's developers. Insert Coin is dedicated to quality, as they state on their About page:

"Everything we do is designed to bring the videogame experience out into the real world... Every item is made from scratch, which enables us to make truly unique and exclusive products every time. No corners are cut. Nothing is relabelled. You can rest assured that when you order an official Insert Coin product, you’re not getting ‘just another piece of merch’, you’re getting our commitment to innovation and quality too."

If you would like to see more styles and game selections from Insert Coin, you can check their website. They also have a Facebook and a Twitter.


We provide designs that are far more wearable - non-gamers will see them as everyday t-shirts but fellow fans will give you a knowing nod when they pass you in the street.

If you're looking for something a little more subtle, then GamerPrint should be your first stop. They offer T-shirts, hoodies, wall art, and accessories with unique designs based off of things inside the worlds of our favorite titles, such as Oak Laboratories for Pokemon fans and Shinra logos for Final Fantasy VII. GamerPrint first hit the scene in 2009, when a group of gamers grew frustrated with the substandard products available around them. What started as an offering of five shirts has grown to a massively popular team of designers with a slew of products for gamers to enjoy.

If you would like to see these designs for yourself, check out their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


Defy the Meta. Blaze a Trail. Win on Your Terms.

J!NX offers a variety of gaming gear, from shirts to stickers, but their three biggest claims to fame are as follows:

  • They are the official store for Echo Fox
  • They are the official store for Team Liquid
  • And they offer jerseys for their own brand, J!NX Pro

J!NX offers products from franchises such as HaloHalf-Life, Heroes of the Storm, Portal 2, Minecraft and Dota. They also feature collections for Blizzard Entertainment and Valve.

If you would like to browse J!NX's offerings for yourself, check out their website. The Gaming Collections are listed out under Shop, Game Brands. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter if you want some more information.

As an added benefit, J!NX takes the extra step for their community. Not only can you access their "Moodboard," which displays images, gifs, and whatnot that inspires them, but you can also find links to resources for certain games in their FAQs. While they don't offer the assistance themselves, they help players find where to go.


A leading designer and creator in Pop Culture Fashion.

The team at Musterbrand celebrated a grand victory this year as they reached an agreement with Nintendo to launch an official Legend of Zelda clothing line. Musterbrand offers a selection of high-quality fashion based off of popular titles like Assassin's Creed and Deus Ex. Not for the light of wallet, these chic items come with a hefty price tag. However, they offer specials through their social media accounts. If you keep a weather eye on the discounts and start saving, you may just be able to afford that leather jacket to look like Solid Snake.

International users will want to access Musterbrand's worldwide store while shoppers in the continental US will want to go to their regional store. To watch for the latest products and specials, be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


Whoever you are, find whatever you're into.

If mainstream shops aren't your thing, or if you are looking for something handmade, or, perhaps, a little more personal, then Etsy is the best place for you. Etsy is not a store; it's a community. Hundreds of individually owned shops make up the Etsy community, with Etsy itself acting as a secure go-between so that your purchases -- and personal information -- are protected.

From home decor to jewelry, greetings cards to wall art, Etsy quite literally has it all. You can find Pokeball battery chargers for playing Pokemon GO and Baby Apparel for future gamers. Want a Legend of Zelda collar for your dog? You can find it. Want a clock made from a retrofitted Playstation? That's here, too. You can even find a pregnancy announcement shirt based on Pokemon Go.

The options are limitless, and shop owners are standing by to take your orders. Almost every shop offers custom-made products, with owners happy to take personal contacts. Bugzie's Crochet Creations even offers hand-crocheted video game characters such as Pokemon and Master Chief, though she sticks to their advertisement on her Facebook.

The options are never ending with Etsy, so why don't you head on over and take a look?

Tell Your Wallet I'm Sorry

It's time to fill up those wishlists or empty that bank account, gamers. Now that you have a launch point, start finding what speaks to you. You might discover a unique combination or confirm your current tastes. Perhaps you'll find just the thing to take to that White Elephant party, or you'll find the perfect gift for that special someone. Or maybe, like me, you're having a moment of Finally, someone who carries _______ merchandise!

Just remember, with the Holidays fast approaching, so, too, are deadlines to order. So why are you still sitting there and reading? Get shopping!