“Organic Panic” – Equal Parts Level Builder, Physics Engine & Produce

What game could be better for kids than one that teaches carrots are cool and physics are fun?
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Imagine a world where meats and cheeses are oppressing fruits and veggies. Things aren’t looking good for our fibrous heroes, until suddenly, they discover magic and begin to fight back.

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It’s not as cheesey as it sounds (forgive me, I can’t resist a good pun); I took a look at the trailers when the team from Last Limb studios stopped by our booth at PAX East. There are hundreds of levels that will be available at release, but the real fun will start when players start building their own.

Check out the trailer!

The game is suitable for kids and adults alike, and though Last Limb is very clear that they weren’t trying to serve up a message about healthy eating, I suspect that it will prove to be a big selling point. After all, what game could be better for kids than one that teaches carrots are cool and physics are fun?

Not just for kids (but man, do kids like it!)

“It’s funny, because we didn’t really go for any age group… (but) the kids were lining up to play it, they would not let it go.”

Parents will not only appreciate the message and the creative gameplay, but Organic Panic looks like it will also strike that magical balance of being challenging and fun for everyone in the family. Like finding that one song that everyone loves to sing along to, or the movie that you don’t mind watching for the 300th time, finding games that can provide common ground and hours of enjoyment for everyone can be a challenge. It looks like this one will deliver.

Keep an eye out on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam Greenlight – those are the two places that Last Limb is targeting for release.


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