Our Childhoods are Now Woefully Incomplete: Popular Games Reimagined as Little Golden Books

Someone get this man a publishing deal, and bring me a time machine. I need to go fix my childhood.
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Go ahead. Just try and tell me you don’t want these.

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That’s right, you can’t. Because your inner child and your geeky adult self both want them.

There’s a certain powerful-yet-subtle association with the things we saw often as a child. Sure even if you had stacks of Little Golden Books piled high enough to build forts out of, when bedtime rolled around and you wanted a procrastination prior to lights out, you didn’t ask your mom to read you the Little Golden Book one more time, you asked for “Jack and the Beanstalk.” We formed our most obvious associations with the story, but nonetheless, the formatting and style of these books imprinted itself on the generation that grew up with it (and the generation after that received that generation’s hand-me-downs).

Artist  has cleverly used it to tie into our very current, very adult entertainments in a clever and visually appealing way. Check it out, what gamer parent wouldn’t want these to add some geek cred to their kid’s room?

The Cake Is A Lie: A Little Aperture Book

The Littlest Dragonborn: A Little Dovahkiin Book

Me and My Big Daddy: A Little Kindle Book

NEED THEM? Thankfully, they’re available on Etsy. Hope we see more of these from Joey! Which brings me to…

Which video games would you like to see made into children’s books?

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