PAX East 2013 – Day 1

Don't miss out - this is the best gaming convention ever!

Don't miss out - this is the best gaming convention ever!
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Hey all! This is Warrior of Zarona checking in for the first time at PAX EAST 2013 at the Gameskinny booth, and this convention is insanely fun! This is only the second PAX I’ve ever attended, and it’s already proving to be even bigger and better than last years! From friendly faces to incredible previews of upcoming IPs and meeting gaming celebrities, this event is definitely one of the best I’ve gone to this year, and it’s only Day 1! 

So far, we’ve checked out a few panels pertaining to our interest: the Monster Hunter Introduction panel was a great start for MH fans like myself. We ventured off to the Supergiants booth, where we met the voice himself, Logan Cunningham, the narrator of Bastion! We’ve even already made our first impulse buy at the merchant booths: a working replica of the portal gun from Portal! We even ran into the Jirard and Greg on the sidewalk, from the youtube show “The Completionist,” along with an awesome autograph from the show creators! Now I’m here checking at the Gameskinny booth, and the day’s only begun. Now I plan on checking out the Tabletop sections and participating in the Settlers of Catan tournament coming up in a couple of hours. 

If you AREN’T at PAX this year, and you’re a huge gamer, then you are missing out on the fun. They have everything pertaining to gaming culture, from video games to tabletop and high level competitive gaming. We’re already planning our trip to PAX EAST 2014! Don’t miss out – this is the best gaming convention ever!

– WoZ

Image credit: Thinkgeek

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