PAX East 2014: Videoball

Videoball is coming this summer, in what will forever be known as the Year of Videoball.

Videoball is fun. Videoball is life. 

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A minimalistic electronic sport, Videoball takes place on a soccer field like shape pitting a team of two against a similarly oriented team. Players block and shoot balls, attempting to score touchdowns on their opponents. The game has simple mechanics and a basic art style, there doesn’t seem to be much going on. But that would be doing a disservice to a solid game.  

While the initial minimalism might seem a little too simple, the game thrives on its polish. It’s deceptive in it’s simplicity, and the myriad blocks, stuns and pushes really change the way you interact against other players. Turnarounds happen in the blink of an eye, and the one game I played started with my team in a distant lead, only to be squashed by the opponent. 

Videoball argues that is playable from children’s birthday parties and “hard enough to televise in prison.” Overall it was a solid and enjoyable game, and I’m excited to play it more when it is eventually released. 

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Amanda Wallace
Former rugby player, social media person, and occasional writer.