[Pax East Coverage] QA Panel with FFXIV: Heavensward’s Naoki Yoshida

If you missed the PAX East Panel with producer/director Naoki Yoshida, well don't fret! We got all the question, answers, and some gold slips from Yoshida himself!

If you missed the PAX East Panel with producer/director Naoki Yoshida, well don't fret! We got all the question, answers, and some gold slips from Yoshida himself!

This weekend at PAX East, Final Fantasy XIV director/producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida held a QA panel where fans asked questions about the current and future state of the game. Yoshi-P teased future additions and hint at a new dungeon! GameSkinny was lucky enough to attend to panel and we’ve compiled some of the best questions and answers below.

[Q] Will there be a worldshell/ linkshell app for the phone to allow players to communicate outside of the game?

[Yoshi-P] Currently we are creating an app to chat with friends, linkshell members, and party members. We want the app to be useful with the ability to access the market, and home. So please be patient as we make it as good as possible. We will get it out before the next expansion.

[Q] Will the 7-Eleven maid and butler outfits exclusive to Japan come to USA?

[Yoshi-P] We have approved the process, but we are just waiting on the contract to be worked out.It should be very soon!  

[Q] Will there be fates for gathering and crafters?

[Yoshi-P] That is a great idea! I’ll talk to the team. I just worry about someone bringing a big monster into that area…  

[Q] Will there be anything from Phantasy Star Online in Final Fantasy XIV soon like crossed over events or items? 

[Yoshi-P] Square Enix owns PSO so it is going to become something you’ll see. In PSO2, you can fight Odin from Final Fantasy XIV. We are looking into releasing gears and characters from the Final Fantasy universe in all regions of PSO2.

[Q] Fate titles are funny and punny! Is this in all languages?

[Yoshi-P] Yes! We try to make it so in every region.  

[Q] When will we be able to gather peaches in Final Fantasy XIV? We can get apples, oranges, grapes.

[Yoshi-P] (Shocked) No one has found a peach yet? If you go to a new area there should be peaches…   

[Q] Will there be more PVP skills?

[Yoshi-P] In the new season we will consider new updates for skills. We will need to check out the first season data, but feel free to tweet us your thoughts and we will try to implement them in the next season.  

[Q]Tank classes, even with all gear, have issues with the parry skill. Every 100, induces a 1 or less than 1 chance to parry. Anything being done to fix this?

[Yoshi-P] The developer team knows that the parry skill is not effective and it will need to be adjusted. Look forward to changes in 3.4 or the new expansion.   

[Q] Will gender locking on gear be removed?

[Yoshi-P] To unlock all the gender lock will take a lot of time. We’re OK with making the changes, but we just need to know what items people want to see unlocked first. Go to the forums and tell us what gear you want to unlock and we’ll make a list to work on in the future. First is bunny ears! More info will be posted on the game forum so keep on the look out! 

  [Q] How many classes/jobs are coming out in each expansion?

[Yoshi-P] Wait till FanFest!!    

[Q] Will we be able to fly in all the regions in the next expansion?

[Yoshi-P] Well, do you want us to extend the release of the expansion pack…? (Audience yells, “NO!”) It’s not impossible, but it requires a lot of time. Top priority right now is creating new maps so it will be something we would look into in the future expansions.

[Q] Will their be more fates like with Lighting Returns?

[Yoshi-P] Of course! We know there are a lot of fans of Final Fantasy 5-8 too, but we can’t say what is coming up next because we don’t want to upset people. We rather say nothing for right not. Please stay tuned!  

[Q] When are we getting winky face emote?
[Yoshida tells his team watching the stream to make emote. Also, Yoshida cannot wink.]   

[Q] Does Square Enix have a lore bible or do they make up the story as they go?

[Yoshi-P] Some are made up on spot, but we do have a large bible with a couple hundred pages of background story and the world. We make sure new stories and ideas fit with the bible that we have.  

[Q] Is there a possibility to meet Doom train?

[Yoshi-P] 5.0….? Maybe if they get to go to Garlean Empire with a flying doom train…  

[Q] Are we going to see new summoner pets?

[Yoshi-P] We get this all around the world. We have a very complex system so adding new AIs and pets is difficult. We’re looking into changing the appearance of your pets starting with carbuncle potentially.  

[Q] Which quest do you love/hate?  

[Yoshi-P] I hate the hidden moogles quest. I feel bad since I think people started hating moogles more. In patch 3.3, there will be a  chance for everyone to get revenge on the Moogle King, but we will bring new quests to have fans love moogles again. We promise. 

During the panel, Yoshi-P teased fans with a new dungeon: The Deep Dungeon “The Palace of the Dead!” So what is the story behind this mysterious dungeon?  

Recently discovered in the Black Shroud, the Palace of the Dead is a bottomless dungeon populated by an army of undead souls.Those who dare brave the depths will face an ever-changing layout protected by powerful magicks which will sap their very strength.

Palace of the Dead can be played solo or in a party of up to four adventurers. It features an independent progression system starting at level 1 which allows players to pair up with friends whom might be a significantly different level. The new dungeon also has current level and progressive auto-save on select floors. However, if players are KO’d they will revert back to a previous save point. Items from outside of the dungeon will be prohibited. Only items found in the palace  can be and will be able to enhance strength. In addition Palace of the Dead will have:  

  • Bosses on multiple floors
  • New floors added with future updates
  • Score ranking in system within the dungeon
  • Schedule release in patch 3.35

More talk of another treasure hunt dungeon will be seen in patch 3.3! Keep on the lookout! More info will be available in a stream coming later this week from Square Enix!

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