Peggy Deathface and Her Face of Death

What's wrong with your face?

What's wrong with your face?

She creeps to and fro. Where she will creep next, nobody knows.

When Peggy isn’t busy creeping she can usually be found loitering outside of taverns and other public buildings.



Abyss: Only the most abyssal shade of black for the darkest of necromancers.

Midnight Teal: The grimmest shade of green known to man.


Head: Wraith mask, the legendary face which earned her the nickname “Deathface”

Shoulder: Light Tribulation Shoulderguards, basic shoulder protection. Lowers the possibility of losing an arm by 3%

Chest: Acolyte Coat, the classiest of light battle attire.

Gloves: Acolyte Gloves, the most stylish of clawed gloves.

Legs: Acolyte Pants, the lower portion of previously mentioned classy light battle attire. Features plenty of hidden compartments.

Boots: Svanir Boots. Boots with metal plating. Likely to stop most attacks to the shin.

Weapon: Scythe Staff. Used for wheat harvesting. Yes.



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