Pikachu and Other Pokemon to Star at the 2014 World Cup

Your favorite Pokmon will be front and center at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Your favorite Pokmon will be front and center at the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The 2014 World Cup is soon approaching soccer fans. Every World Cup, the teams have a mascot so fans know what gifts to buy at halftime.The Japanese team chose a mascot for their team. Well guess what? They choose you, Pikachu!

***Here is Pikachu in Uniform***

Ok, it was a long walk for that joke but I had to make it. Pikachu, and a few other Pokemon are now official mascots at the World Cup. I’ll be honest when I read the news I said “Well at least Nintendo is happy.” Come to find out Adidas is designing the team uniforms and struck a deal with Nintendo earlier this week.

Pikachu isn’t the only Pokemon featured. Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Meowth, Froakie, Chespin and the rest of the most adorable Pokemon are here on Gilligan’s Island. I believe ultimately the idea is to sell more stuffed animals of Pokemon at the actual event. If that is the case, I want one of each.

***Even the Official Mascot of the World Cup was loosely based off Sandshrew***

Don’t get me wrong. I think this is actually a good idea. Pokemon seem like a great mascot idea. Especially if you’ve ever seen other mascots from the past. If Pokemon never existed, they’d be the best mascots ever. So in my mind, and the fact that I love Pokemon, these are the best mascots ever.

What do you guys think? Great idea for Japan or terrible? Let me know down below.

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