Players Compile a Gigantic List of Missing Features in The Sims 4

Sims players compile a list of missing features in The Sims 4 that were present in other titles.

The Sims 4 is getting a lot of new features that fans seem to love and the anticipation for the game is high. The creators even have a list of press releases compiled together fill with buzz words assuring the customer how awesome the new game is.  However, a group of fans on the Sims 3 forum have made a list of the variety of features are missing or cut completely from the game. This post has made it all across the internet and now it’s finally getting a little press attention from us here at GameSkinny.

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User bflury is managing the user compiled list of all the features confirmed missing from the product. It is a massive effort from those in the community to find sources confirming all the missing elements from the game. 

Some of these features have been in the game since the first The Sims game such as pools, which are suspiciously missing in this newest iteration of this life simulator game. The major confirmed objects that were missing according to the community are:

MAJOR CONFIRMED MISSING: (All were in base versions of Sims 3

  • No create a style (CAST) – NOT technically possible in future expansion (x)
  • No modifications to public space – The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space (x1)(x2)
  • No “normal” careers – Law enforcement, Medical, Business, etc. were removed (x)
  • NO OPEN WORLD – You can’t just walk from house to house without loading screen…(x1)(x2)
  • No pools(x)
  • No terrain tools other than paint – REALLY !?!?! (x)
  • No story progression – Aside from Sim’s aging its out! (x)
  • No toddlers (x)


Parts of this list have already been known by the public for some time, but it is constantly updating which makes this far more troubling than just a few missing features. These are major changes that no one expected nor probably wanted to happen. There is less customization in the game without the terrain tools and how else are we going to drown our Sims we don’t like without a pool? A little dark I know, but let’s be honest, we’ve all allowed a Sim to die once or twice after they peed on the floor for the umpteenth time.

None the less, it seems that Maxis is cutting out a massive amount of features that have been in the game since day one without really justifying why they took those features out. The producer just said it was a small amount but they users have since proven them wrong. Bflurry put it best when he quoted the Sims 4 Producer Graham Nardone:

Graham Nardone (Sims 4 Producer) wrote: “But the conversation then changes into discussing what is or isn’t there and the minutiae of differences in each feature along some scale because the easiest way to try and understand something new is to compare and contrast it to what came before.”

Every series from Mario to Grand Theft Auto typically will cut a feature or two from one installment to the other. That said, I don’t believe we, as in most of the people you want to sell this game to, consider these a “minutiae” of differences…

With these features missing, among the others listed on the page, one has to wonder why the developers decided to do this. Unfortunately, it might be due to the fact that The Sims have always had a multitude of expansion packs and this might be a way for EA to sell back features they had the default in other entries in the franchise.  If we are lucky this won’t happen, but with EA’s track record despite their attempts at redemption, it’s more than plausible.

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