Pro League Tips: How to stop hating Fizz

Fizz is a ridiculous champion, but fears of him are just as silly. Pick a reason, any reason, to quell your hatred of the playful trickster.

Fizz is a ridiculous champion, but fears of him are just as silly. Pick a reason, any reason, to quell your hatred of the playful trickster.
What’s a Fizz?

Is he a kid or a squid? Is he getting nerfed? No, no, and a strong maybe.

Fizz has been here for a while now in League of Legends, hopping over your ultimates and out of your hearts. Endearing and adorable at first, Fizz has now become a dreaded champion whose very presence instills flashbacks of losses due to well-timed Playful/Tricksters.

But no fear summoners, read on to calm your fears or at least learn how to safely run away from them.

Pro Tip 1: He’s an orphaned loner

It’s sad, to be honest. Not only does Riot not answer the fundamental question of “What the heck is Fizz?” but he actually has no idea where his entire species is or if they’re even alive. His new home in Bilgewater wanted to get rid of him (as in kill him) but decided to respect him (as in not kill him) as a reward for defeating a monster that surely would have killed dozens otherwise. Knowing this, is it really so bad to sympathize with the guy, or at least not rage when you mis-time your Q? Sure he wants attention and looks for trouble, but isn’t that understandable when you have no family and your only friend is a much more beloved and attractive fish hybrid?

Pro Tip 2: Fizz buffs are unlikely, so calm down

If you’re concerned about this champion being even more difficult to deal with, know it’s downhill from here. In nearly every patch that has touched Fizz, there has been a nerf with the positive changes, or just straight nerfs. I figure Riot has heard enough complaints about the champion to not want to run the risk of making him OP when his kit is annoying enough as it is.

Pro Tip 3: Nerfs won’t make him THAT less annoying

Fizz brings more frustration to the saying, “It’s not me, it’s you.” We all know that Fizz is an escape artist, it’s in his literal design. Dealing less or more damage won’t make him less of an escape artist, so summoners would do well in being proactive in their approach. Complaining won’t change anything except your blood sugar, so unless you’re hoping for a rework, think of better ways to deal with his kit. Like…

Pro Tip 4: Fizz counters are well-documented

The days of the “mysterious” tank-and-damage Fizz are more-so whispers of the past and now a standard reality. Because he had such a strong era, people have basically hacked their way into the mind and play style of Fizz to learn how to deal with him. It’s common knowledge that a Quicksilver Sash will help avoid his ultimate and that he should be avoided at low health because of the damage multiplier. If that isn’t common knowledge, you simply haven’t bothered figuring out your Fizz problem. That’s fine, because it also must mean you’re actually enjoying League of Legends.

Pro Tip 5: He’s spawned catchy music from fans

I’ll admit that this is the most opinionated “tip” you can find regarding Fizz, and definitely applicable to most if not all League champions. Regardless, Fizz’ unique look has inspired the creation of beautiful art and music we all can enjoy if only we’d take the time to appreciate it.

But hey, if you think this is a stretch, imagine the reaches I had to go through to find reasons not to hate Teemo. Fizz is a fun champ to play, even if he’s slippery to play against. If you can’t beat him, join him.

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