PS4 Over Xbox: Why I Bought Playstation

The Xbox One looks like a great console. But I still got a PS4, and nothing Microsoft has said has made me change my mind.

This is the first console generation where my opinion matters. During the rise of previous generations, my parents still held the spending power — especially for such large purchases. I could’ve begged for an Xbox 360 or a PS2 or anything else, but I knew in my house we were going Nintendo. 

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But now it’s my disposable income, so I put in my research.

Pretty much immediately, Playstation stood head and shoulders above Microsoft. 

This was a complicated decision. I’ve only recently gotten back into console gaming, and I’ve been using my boyfriends Xbox 360. I’m most familiar and comfortable with that platform. I love the Media Center, all the apps, and the game library is amazing. But there were a few things about the PS4 that really stood out.

First and foremost, and this really can’t be ignored, is the price.

Playstation is offering a competitively similar console for $100 less than Microsoft. There is the argument that the Kinect is vital to the way the system functions and pretty fantastic, but either way, for me it’s just an unnecessary accessory. And yes, if you buy the Playstation Eye, it does even out. But I’m not buying a Playstation Eye. 

Secondly is indie support.

From very early on, Playstation set itself apart from the Xbox One by showing immediate support for independent developers. In the current gen, and this is a matter of opinion, the indie library on PSN is better than Xbox Live. With frankly unimpressive launch line-ups from both consoles, it became in my mind, a battle of the indies. But while Xbox talked a good late game about including indies, Xbox One is comparatively empty of solid indie titles. And there was only one independent that was Microsoft exclusive that I am bummed about missing — Below by Capy Games

All I saw when I looked at Microsoft’s line-up was a group of rehashed AAA titles that I was never going to play. I wasn’t going to play another zombie game (Dead Rising 3) and Ryse looked plagued with quick time events and then deeply boiled in the hyper-masculine power fantasies that seem to dominate the industry.

Xbox One made a really excellent case for creating an at home media center in one box, and if that’s what I was looking for, I would’ve been sold. But I don’t even have cable, and if I want a media center, I’ll just use the 360. 

Someday I will probably own an “Xbone,” but I can’t see that happening for at least a year. 

What do you think? Are you going PS4 or Xbox One this generation? 

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