Puppeteer, a game that will steal the show!

A fun and maybe a little creepy game about a boy who needs to find his head.

Now I find puppets creepy and the thought of them gives me the shivers, but Puppeteer looks like a great game! The main character is a puppet for most of the game, but he did not start out that way. This game is an action platformer about a boy who wants to get his head back from the evil Moon Bear King.

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You play as the boy Kutaro, who has been kidnapped by the Moon Bear King, who later turns Kutaro into a puppet and takes his head! His mission is to get his head back from the Moon Bear King and find his way home. A long the way, he finds a pair of golden magic scissors that will help him with his mission.


In this game the goal is to get your head back, but along the way you will be able to use other heads with unique abilities. These heads come in many shapes and you will be able to switch between them when you want. Be careful though, if you lose a head you lose a life!

You have an audience?

As you play this game you will be playing on a stage. With the scissors you will cut your way to the next level and defeat enemies. The stage will continually change and as you play will notice stage lights and laughter? Yes there is an invisible audience that will be watching and reacting to you as you play.

This game will be release for the PS3 on September 10th and I will definitely be getting it!

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