Recap of Gabe’s AMA

Recapping Gabe of Penny Arcade's AMA on Reddit.

Recapping Gabe of Penny Arcade's AMA on Reddit.

Yesterday, at around 4:30 EST, Reddit’s subreddit /r/IAMA was hopping with people who were awaiting the thread of Penny Arcade’s lead artist, Mike Krahulik (also known as cwGabe). Some really great questions were asked, and Gabe had some really insightful/hilarious answers. The thread shot to the front page almost instantly, beginning with about 250 comments at the beginning and rocketing to 2500 comments by 9 PM EST. This morning, it seems the thread has capped out at around 2900 comments, though discussions are still taking place around some of the topics. The number of comments is astounding, considering that Gabe himself only posted 58 times–mostly just to answer some of the better questions.

A wide variety of topics came up, from Gabe’s favorite Penny Arcade strip to his insight on the twitter drama that took place between Ben Kuchera, a PA Report writer, and Erik Kain, another gaming journalist over at Forbes, on Tuesday.

The top question (scored by number of upvotes) goes to facelesscog, who is wheelchair bound with prosthetic legs. After meeting Gabe and Tycho at PAX (he stood up to hug Gabe!), he has asked Gabe and Tycho to fly to California to be leg models for his new prosthetic covers. Which will resemble Iron Man armor.

Yeah, that’s right. He’s going to have awesome Iron Man legs. Modeled by Mike Krahulik. You’re jealous.

Head on over to to the thread and read all of the questions and answers!

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