Remedy – My Favorite Game Company

My favorite game company has many key factors to it but it comes down to a select few things to win me over.

My favorite game company has many key factors to it but it comes down to a select few things to win me over.

I was recently asked what my favorite game company was and I honestly did not know how to respond.  I really have never put much thought into what company always has me excited or why.

Because of my own indecisiveness, I decided to write about my top three favorite game companies and why I love them.

3. Ubisoft

I’ve always sort of been a fan of Ubisoft without really knowing it.  Looking at the covers of the games I enjoy, I will usually notice they had their hands in it some part of the development process.

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Assassin’s Creed, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Far Cry series, Rayman, the Splinter Cell series and many more I just can’t think of right now.

I just find them able to find good things and get them out there.  Sure, the company has faults (just end the Assassin’s Creed series already…) but they seem to actually find plenty of great games to put out that I always seem to enjoy.

2. Rockstar

This company has such an eye for detail.  The smallest and most insignificant things make for the best stuff in a video game.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many great .gifs I have seen taken from GTA IV, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and more all showcasing weird and awesome moments in those games that blew people away. I don’t understand why the below is a list, at least the first part of that list as it’s not really a weird or awesome moment

Max Payne 3, Bully and GTA IV are all games that had small details that gave them such immense charm.

Max in Max Payne 3 had a new model and texture variation for almost every new level to show gradual changes to his character over time.  

If you are standing on a patch of snow in Bully you could just make a snowball or even pick up a frisbee and play catch with an NPC.

GTA IV is so full of freak accidents like a police officer shooting a rocket launchers rocket and this making the rocket change it’s trajectory.

1. Remedy

Probably the one company that stands that much higher than the rest to me is Remedy.  Even though the amount of games they have made can be counted on one hand, the games they have made left an impact.

Alan Wake and the Max Payne series have been really huge to me.  I loved those games for not only having solid and interesting gameplay but they also sported amazingly well written stories to boot.  The characters were flawed and interesting, and even the environments around them seemed to be a character instead of just being a plain backdrop.

If there is one company I am waiting to hear from about their next game, it is Remedy.  This is why they are my number one.

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