Remember Alex Kidd in Miracle World on Master System 2

Childhood Game that started my ... hmm, whats a better word for Addiction

Childhood Game that started my ... hmm, whats a better word for Addiction

One of my best and earliest memories of gaming was after I had worked for a few months at a market garden; planting, harvesting and washing potatoes and other produce to save all my pennies and buy my very first console.  The Sega Master System II.

I had played on other game systems before: one memorable one being the early family entertainment system with its nice cartridge eject system around 1984 from a Japanese company know as Famicom (aka Nintendo).

But the best memory of this system was that my friend and I both bought one of these systems after working together at the market garden job, and each of us having one mean we were able to trade games.

Over the course of this console, we played multiple other games and I even had one of the rare (in New Zealand) light guns and a couple of games for it.  My friend’s mother also got caught up, being totally hooked on Alex the Kidd and even completing the game before us.

The most amusing thing about this system is that it was what sparked my Console Collection. I still have this console and it still works as well as it did the day I bought it. I also have most mainstream consoles since. I even picked up a spare Sega Mega-drive (aka Sega Genesis) from a yard sale for parts if ever needed; both are still going strong.

Thank you, Sega, for something so valuable in my childhood. Pity you are not in the console war these days, loved your Dreamcast the most out of all your works.

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