Restarting Minecraft after the 1.5 Patch

My first steps into a new Minecraft 1.5 server.

My first steps into a new Minecraft 1.5 server.

The day before Minecraft’s 1.5 patch was released, a few friends of mine and I decided to spin up a server and start building again.  After a few days of downtime (since we were on a Bukkit server), we were ready to get things up and active.

Per our usual arrangement, one friend and I took off in opposite directions and travelled for three or four days before finding a nice place to settle and start building.  I haven’t seen where he decided to start building, but hear rumors of an island with the beginnings of a castle.  Another friend set off in yet another direction, where construction has begun on a stone keep.

Meanwhile, I found a nice little section of swamp nestled between a jungle and a spruce forest where I’ve set up a base camp.  

At first it was just a bed and a few knick-knacks, as seen above, but I quickly realized that this would not be enough.  Other players on the server were already building fortifications.  I needed to defend myself, and it would take more than an iron sword to do so.

So I dug.  And dug some more.  And built.  The first phase of the bunker is complete:

No one can get in without being invited in – it’s sealed from the inside.  On that front, I’m safe.  But if you get past the door, there is a tunneled stairway leading deeper into the safety of the underworld.

(We use McMMO, so Glowstone came fairly easily.  I haven’t been to the Nether yet.)

There is a quick stop for a bed and some stoves…

…before continuing into the deeps.

It is there that I will build my kingdom.  I will be safe from the predations of my fellow players, should they not be content to rest behind their walls.  I will be ready.

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