Restarting Minecraft: Starting My Underground Kingdom

These are the first steps into what will eventually be a full-blown underground Minecraft kingdom.

These are the first steps into what will eventually be a full-blown underground Minecraft kingdom.

A week after my last article, all the folks on our server are progressing nicely toward their goal.

The Lonely Lord, for example, has finished his keep (and you’ll be able to see it on TTG once he gets around to posting pics) and is progressing to phase two – building a massive city.  Other people are building castles and fortifications of their very own, and I found out that at least one other player is also building an underground kingdom of glory.

I’ll deal with him later.  

For now, it’s all about clearing out enough space for what I intend to do.  Plus actually figuring out what I plan to do, but I have plenty of time to decide that while I clear out stacks upon stacks of stone, dirt and gravel from the site.

Right now it’s a bit haphazard and I’m essentially lining the walls of the entry hallway with chests until I build actual storage rooms, but it is coming along.  I’ve even built pathways to where I think I want things, complete with glass sides that light up the way from lava underneath.

I haven’t cleared out all of the ceiling here, but this is the first bend of what will (ideally) be a long, windy road to a more metropolitan area.  I may even see about luring villagers down to serve… some sort of purpose.  Maybe just decoration.

More on that later.

I’ve also got the beginnings of some farms.  They’re right out in the open right now, since I need food and don’t want to keep running up to the surface for it, but once I clear out some more space they will be in an agricultural area all to their own.

The ceiling has been my main priority for the past couple days – a foray into the Nether (before finding out that I’d actually linked up to The Lonely Lord’s portal and was playing in his sandbox) got me a fair amount of glowstone, which will hopefully last long enough to line the entire top layer.

At first I was building dirt scaffolding to try and build the ceiling, but realized that it was much easier just to clear out the two blocks above it and build it like a floor:

We’re getting there.  That’s the important thing.  And soon I’ll have real rooms and organized areas, and can build pillars to make the entire thing look That Much More Impressive.

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