RIFT Tops My List of Top Four MMMORPGs

My list of top four MMORPGs I have played and enjoyed.

My list of top four MMORPGs I have played and enjoyed.
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Naturally, RIFT makes my number one pick. It is the current MMO I am playing and I played when it first launched. While not all of its concepts are original, I just love the story that it tells. Being sent back in time to save the future as an Ascended was a bit more appealing to me than simply just becoming an adventurer.

#2: Everquest II

Everquest II is a close second behind RIFT. I come and go from this game and have since original launch. Now that it is free to play, I can come and go as I like without worry about my budget. I loved being able to play as a fairy (yes, sometimes the girly girl in me just has to come out).

#3: Neverwinter

I am a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan. Thus making Neverwinter my third pick. Neverwinter allows me and my gaming group, despite distance, to create mods to simulate our gaming table and play real time. Plus the original storyline is totally on par with a tabletop session.

#4: Dark Age of Camelot

While Dark Age of Camelot has been out a long time, it is still on my list of tops. Dark Age of Camelot gave me my first look at how much fun MMORPGs could be. I love Camelot and all of its many stories. Finding this in a video game was truly a great moment in my gaming life. I am most eager to see what Camelot Unchained becomes.

What games would make your top four?