Sandboxes making a comeback?

Are sandboxes making a comeback?

Are sandboxes making a comeback?

A new hope?

My first MMORPG was the ill-fated Star Wars: Galaxies. I absolutely loved the game, up until then I never seen a game without direction. It was a new concept to me. I was very slow to grasp the mechanics, but with the help of some friendly people it blew my mind.  I had no idea what to be, it was thrilling. A feeling I hope to once again regain.

The rebirth.

It’s disputable that Eve Online has been the most successful sandbox MMORPG yet. With the recent success with single player sandbox games such as Minecraft, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Far cry and Saint’s row series. It already affecting the MMO market with upcoming games. 


Not much is known about CCP’s World of Darkness (besides it being based on the role playing game), but given the company’s experience in sandbox genre it’s definitely something to keep an eye out. The Repopulation also looks promising, it bolsters an extensive crafting system and player housing. Chris Robert’s Star Citizen is offering a lot by being a single player and massive online multiplayer space simulator.  

The return of the Sandbox.

Whether it be a good or bad thing, they are coming. I will be indulging myself into these games once they’re released hoping to recapture of the sandbox magic. You can say they might conquer our time but, I for one welcome our new overlords.


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