Sha of Happiness, Dragon Slayer Award Nominee for Notable Gaming Personality

Enter the Sha of Happiness, bringing joy to all gamers with this face {◕ ◡ ◕}.

Enter the Sha of Happiness, bringing joy to all gamers with this face {◕ ◡ ◕}.

The Sha of Happiness has been nominated for Notable Gaming Personality for the Dragon Slayer Awards and, if you’re involved with the World of Warcraft community, you may already be familiar with the Sha’s own spin on the daunting and morbid creatures roaming Azeroth. 

The Sha’s Mission

As the name implies, Sha of Happiness has been working towards making people happy. It’s as simple as that. By connecting with people through gaming, specifically WoW, the Sha has been reminding gamers going through dark times that there are people that care. Either in-game or on the blog, Sha links the experiences in games to the real emotions we all feel; while games act as a vehicle for escape from the real world, that may be when they need help most.

Additionally, the Sha of Happiness has launched the AbleGamers Foundation. The foundation supports equality in gaming and helps those with disabilities enjoy games without barriers. By livestreaming charity events by gaming, Sha has earned a veritable amount with the help of a supportive community. Find out more and donate here. 

I contacted the Sha on Twitter, asking how he felt about the nomination and his reason why:

Since the ubiquitous WoW thread that introduced the Sha of Happiness phenomenon in 2012 started by Doulie of Illidan-US, the Sha has amassed several followers as well as adorable tributes consisting of art, handmade plushies, and videos. For example, ~coerul’s lovely artwork below, which you can find on DeviantART. 

By ~coerul on DeviantART

When you apply such a cute face to anything menacing, it becomes downright kawaii. The Sha’s benevolent and positive influence is constantly growing and bringing communities together.

When you’re considering the most notable gaming personality, think about that nominee’s mission and goals. The Sha has demonstrated humor, generosity, and welcomes gamers with open arms–er…claws? 

If you want to find out more and connect with the Sha of Happiness, be sure to follow @ShaofHappiness on Twitter and visit! 

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