SimCity & Tomb Raider Players Wish for Day Off, Forget Critical Detail

Tuesday, gamers got their hands on Tomb Raider & SimCity, and collectively wished they could stay home tomorrow. By their powers combined...

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 saw the arrival of two hotly anticipated games. Across the country, as gamers got their hands on SimCity and Tomb Raider, logged in and stayed up late, a single wish began to coalesce out of the swirling ether: 

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“Man, I really wish school was canceled tomorrow.”

“I wish I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow…”

An Impressive Display

As if to demonstrate their combined power, late-season Winter Storm  Saturn slammed into the eastern part of the US, leaving up to a foot of snow in some areas and closing schools and businesses in its wake. Players were suddenly presented with the opportunity to stay home in their PJs, building cities and raiding tombs to their heart’s content.

Gamers throughout the northeast virtually high-fived and prepared to get back to their games. 

Except for One Thing

Sadly, when combining their powers to unwittingly summon the storm, gamers didn’t think to specify:

“Dude, I really wish I could stay home and have power tomorrow.”

Next time, a bit more mantra-coordination might be in order.


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