Skinny Banter #1 Wrap-Up: Spies, Trolls and Tools (3/4)

The machinations of Dr. Frankenskinny continue as further gaming monstrosities are conceived in the Ultimate Game Mash-Up.

The machinations of Dr. Frankenskinny continue as further gaming monstrosities are conceived in the Ultimate Game Mash-Up.

[Part three of our summary of Skinny Banter #1: Ultimate Game Mash-Up]


Bad and Ass … In Your Face

Like many gamers, Joxef was scarred by the SimCity debacle and found a cathartic release in his Skinny Banter contribution which melds together the worst possible game experiences. ‘Ultimate Super Duper TERRIBLE GAME Turbo Arcade Edition HD Remix Game of the Year Edition‘ is an hilarious work of satirical genius best exemplified with a description of one of the available character classes:

“The Biodrone. You are a Bioware fan. You get access to an obscenely large libido which grows whenever you fantasize about your favorite character and avatar getting it on with each other. You are also immune to all logic based attacks.”


Jason Knight, er… Indiana Bourne, um.. Fisher Plissken?

Haemish the Gamer dreams of being a globe-trotting super soldier in ‘Elite Call of the Dragonborn: NASCAR’s Most Wanted Assassin, Report to the Battlefield‘, a game comprising single and multiplayer modes which would see the player attempting to “find lost ancient artifacts while evading the police, which are controlled by the Russians.” He evokes cinematic themes from across the action genre, from car chases to cat-and-mouse rooftop gunfights. He even has a super-team of developers in mind to make it happen:

“The 5 contributing game developing companies will be Rockstar Games (free roam mode mechanics), Electronic Arts (Frostbite Software), Ubisoft (building scaling mechanics), Activision (distribution) and Bethesda (graphics).”


Gameplay LEGO

It is pretty clear that there are some visionary would-be game designers within the ranks of GameSkinny community and I would love to see the tools made available for projects as described here to really happen. In my own Skinny Banter contribution, ‘Ultimate Game Mashup: SPIRIT, the Multi-Genre Dynamic Storytelling RPG Toolkit‘, I hope for a powerful “Dungeon Master” kit to empower gamers to reclaim the essence of great storytelling and immersive gameplay from the onslaught of identikit disappointments that the games industry churns out.

“The real secret sauce to the likes of pen-and-paper systems like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Cyberpunk 2020 and BattleTech wasn’t in the rules system, it was in granting a group of players the means to work together using their humour, creativity and wits to participate in epic tales about engaging characters.”


Part Four: A Conclusive Mash-Up


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