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Kinyo, a founder of Outcry Gaming, has poured hours of time into giving the Dragon's Prophet community everything it needs to be successful, and she wants to do even more.

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My name is Ashton “Kinyo” Thorsen. I am a founder of Outcry Gaming; an online gaming community. Outcry has been around for four years now, since we met in Aion. We have opened branches, sponsored other guilds, hosted events and giveaways. I founded this community with Devoire; we have been working for years to make Outcry the best community online. I handle all of the online work for Outcry: web design, content creation, admin work. I personally built the Outcry Website, the Dragons Prophet Guild List, created the artwork for every Outcry event, and I am currently building an interactive database for Dragon’s Prophet.

I have invested countless hours in teaching myself coding to ensure every website we release is professional and effective. Every time Outcry has a new project it pushes my skills to the limit and forces me to learn more and be better than I was; I have applied this mentality to every project I undertake and would be honored to do the same for a news column.

Dragon’s Prophet is my main MMO and I would love the chance to go to SOE Live and learn more about the game and the direction they are taking it. I have put all of my effort and time into the projects for Outcry and I promise you I will put the same dedication into your news column. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and considering my application.


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