Some Asura Just Want to Watch The World Burn

Sometimes, the Priory needs someone to bring the heat. That's when they'll call for him.

Sometimes, the Priory needs someone to bring the heat. That's when they'll call for him.

Burndairazz had always felt some kind of inferiority complex to other races, due to their inadequate height. Not only could they not even begin to understand the complexity of an Asura’s mind, but they had the guts to make jokes about their size! Unacceptable.

Slowly but surely, Burndairazz turned to other ways to deal with this disrespect. Ways that entailed a little less subtlety, and a little more damage done to those who offended him. On he went with his rampage.

Cool guys don't look at explosions

This Asura is a concentrated extract of burning anger and Nightmare Fuel (made from Nightmare courtiers), mixed up with just the right touch of ingenuity. If you ever happen to cross roads with him, I’d advise to watch your mouth – especially if you’re more than three feet tall! If not.. things might get hot.

Burn, baby, burn!

Even though he’s a tough nut to crack, even steaming balls of wrath may go on vacations. Burndairazz is no exception, but he’s been getting some remarks about his beach outfit. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

I wear what I want at this beach!

But what’s he wearing?

Most of it is tinted in variations of red (Lava, Brick and Red), with Midnight Rust used for the boots and Iron for the helmet. As for the pieces of gear:

  • Furnace Reward Helm (Of course!)
  • Nika’s Pauldrons are a nice “solid-looking” shoulder armor
  • Rascal Coat
  • No gauntlets. Real Asura don’t need that to manipulate their trusty Flamethrower!
  • Shaman Reward Legguard – Of course, Flame Legion had to make an appearance!
  • Duelist Boots are nice and comfy, and help you be steady while you’re directing your flame jets on the madmen coming at you
Doesn’t it remind you of someone else?

Sure thing.

TF2's Pyro
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