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Shut your eyes and slip into the endless void with Soothing Images..

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Greetings all! I’m Soothing Images of Northern Shiverpeaks (US) and this is my mesmer.

I was going for a sort of alchemical/scientific/lab look on my character simply because I wanted to be different from the other 1203012301203 mesmers donning either T3 and the wraith mask or a “school-girl” outift. So I came up with this..

What I’m wearing:

Researchers Masque: [&AgF0DgAA]
Sorcerer’s Epaulets: [&AgGCDgAA]
Aetherblade Vest: [&AgGKpwAA]
Radiant Vambraces: [&AgF8qgAA]
Ascalonian Clergy Pants: [&AgFyjAAA]
Acolyte Shoes: [&AgF+CwAA] (substitute for Invaders shoes: [&AgEQGwAA])

I have included the armor codes above so that whoever wants to can preview my set on their own characters.

Here are some more screens:


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