Stress Testers Wanted For Titanfall Beta: Why to Join and What to Expect

Jump In Your Titans. The War Of Stress Testing Has Begun.
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This was a big week for gamers – we saw so much new footage and news about the upcoming mech based shooter Titanfall. Some lucky people were able to get beta keys earlier this week but now Respawn has announced that the beta will be open to everyone on both Xbox One and PC. Should you join the Beta? Let’s find out.

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Why Should You Join The Beta?

Well that answer is quite simple. If you are already looking forward to Titanfall the beta gives you that first hand look at one of the most anticipated games of 2014. The main reason to join though is the stress test. The whole reason for the Titanfall Beta being out is to see how much Respawn/EA’s servers can handle and what they should expect when Titanfall releases on March 11 (March 25 for Xbox 360). So simply put: the more people who join the beta the more EA and Respawn will put into having more servers ready for when the game launches. Being ready is never a bad thing. 

What Should You Expect From the Titanfall Beta?

Riding around in your very own Titan is nothing short of amazing, but be prepared from some heavy lag

As most of us know Beta doesn’t mean a finished game rather that point in a games development where the game works and functions properly but needs more time for polish. So when you join the Titanfall Beta expect the game to work, but not without some issues.

In my own personal experience the few games I’ve been able to get into were enjoyable and the game is tons of fun to play. Riding around in your very own Titan is nothing short of amazing but be prepared from some heavy lag. Due to the amount of people trying to play the servers are constantly full during peak times and each time you get into a match it could end up being 15 minutes waiting at the loading screen – just to be kicked from the server the moment the game starts. 

Get In And Join The Beta Folks

If you have any interest in Titanfall, I strongly recommend downloading the beta. I won’t bore you with how much I’ve enjoyed the few matches I’ve been, in or whine about the amount of times I’ve been stuck in the endless loading screen waiting to play. What I will say is if you want Titanfall to be ready for launch, show the developers your interest so they can prepare for you to join the fight on March 11th or March 25.

Show Respawn and EA how much you want to play, and let’s make sure they have servers for all. 


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