TERA Time – Rising to the Occasion (Part 1)

After it was all said and done, the Rising update ended up not being bad at all.

TERA: Rising was a big source of worry for the subscribing playerbase when it was announced. New players? No more Masterwork alkahest in the specialty vendors? Pay to win? After it was all said and done, the Rising update ended up not being all that bad.

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There are two things I can specifically complain about:

  • Nexus lag is worse than ever
  • New players don’t know what they’re doing and they’re not very talkative

That’s it. The end.

The price of Masterwork alkahest will inevitably skyrocket once the new players hit level cap, but for now they’re sitting at a cool 65g a pop. (Protip: Invest in MW alkahest.)

The new crafting recipes are far less irritating than they were before.

The Lumbertown area quests have been streamlined.

Some named mobs give 3 minute XP bonuses.

3v3s are pretty sweet.

I mean, what is there for me to complain about? I’ve got nothing to spit vile words at because I’m an Elite member. Totally new players, unfortunately, don’t get things so cushy.

Dear new players,

I’m sorry that you have 45 minute login queues, two character slots, and only 72 bank slots. I’m also sorry you have to use the default brown horse unless you cough up some cash or some serious gold — because it makes it easier for me to spot you and kill you.

After having rerolled three times for Rising to play with friends, I’ve found that the new TERA community is somehow worse than the previous one. It’s not about attitude. Most players you come across (who will actually talk, considering so many of them simply don’t speak English now) are fairly nice. Nice is great! But paying attention to your surroundings and knowing how to play the game is almost preferable to you being a friendly person.

Almost as bad as the untalkative player with a head full of air is the PvP whiner. The guy who talks in /area about how crappy it is that they got ganked by high levels, or PKed while fighting a mob.

This is not WoW. This is an old-style PK system sans losing anything for dying or killing other players. Here’s a helpful tip for those of you getting all butthurt about being ganked: Change channels.

 The channel bar at the top right of the screen isn’t there to look nice. If you don’t want to have to deal with other players trying to feast on your innards, always change channels when you enter a PvP zone.  If you don’t want to have to deal with that minor inconvenience, I recommend changing to one of TERA’s fine PvE servers.

It’s harsh to tell someone to just “reroll on a PvE server”, but TERA’s PvP servers are not for those of you seeking relaxed adventures with friends. You get those on Mount Tyrannus or Lake of Tears, don’t get me wrong — but you have to be willing to accept that there’s going to be someone trying to poop in your soup at some point. Either suck it up, or get to making some new soup.

Coming up in TERA Time – Rising to the Occasion (Part 2) we discuss being an Elite member, and why it’s maybe probably almost definitely worth it.

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