The Best Pokemon Go Screenshots on the Internet

We collected some of the best Pokemon Go screenshots and captions across the Internet.

We collected some of the best Pokemon Go screenshots and captions across the Internet.
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Okay, so Pokemon Go’s augmented reality isn’t quite what we imagined (like the promo commercials). However, it does provide some sweet opportunities for unique screenshots and funny captions. We traveled across the Internet to find the best of the best. 

Check ’em Out

You know a game is a big deal when the United States Marine Corps.
posts about it. 

“People of Wal-Mart” reddit user rocotaco42 
[Hands down, one of our favorite Pokemon Snaps/caption]

“My wife gives me the same look, Gastly!” reddit user Airweldon 

“May I introduce to you: Dabby, the dabbing Krabby.” reddit user DeHofnar 
[Look at my dab, spreadin’ dab across the map.] 

“Squirtle, no! You have so much to live for!” reddit user kkranberry

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS” reddit user me_gustavo

“Aww, crap. There’s a bug in my code.” reddit user ramenWizard 

“When the lifeguard calls everyone out.” reddit user dondelostacos
[That could end up being a pretty shocking day at the beach.]

“Garnish with Dinner” reddit user sfw_pants

“Caught a Pidgey earlier and just now found a Magikarp!” reddit user apbarratt
[Surf and Turf: Pokemon Edition]

“Caught myself some very fresh fish at the sushi place today…” reddit user odolfantje


“Play had to be stopped due to a giant Magicarp on the field.” reddit user silence_is_g0ld3n

“Found this guy chasing my buddy’s boat, I forgot they can learn surf!” reddit user RoboDonaldUpgrade
[Rhyhorn getting his Rhydon surf on early. Anyone else wonder why this water weak Pokemon can surf?? #video game logic]

[It seems Pokemon Go’s location tracking is eerily accurate and has a dark sense of humor.] 
Imugr @PokemonGoSnap

[See what I mean?]
Imugr @PokemonGoSnap

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Article Sources: r/PokemonGoSnap and Instagram 

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