The Birth of Titans: EVE Fan Art Takes a Turn for the Surreal

Surrealism? Impressionism? Nonsense? My eyes and my brain are currently in disagreement. What do you think of this art?

Yesterday, Redditor dingyhobo shared the image of his Dad’s newest painting, entitled “The Birth of Titans”.

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It shows a selection of ships from EVE Online‘s “Golden Fleet” of the Amarr Empire, with a Revelation dreadnought in the centre, a harbinger battlecruiser in the lower foreground and an Avatar titan and an Aeon carrier in the background.

It really is… something. On the one hand, my logical brain rejects it, finding it less visually appealing than the stunning high fidelity graphics found in EVE Online itself.

But then I can’t stop looking at VS’s work. It fascinates me and it evokes a kind of puzzled dream state with its bizarre, surrealist qualities. Are those colourful mis-shapes nebulae, explosions or the brush strokes of a fevered mind? 

There looks like some kind of bird of prey orgy taking place in the bottom-left, which has belched forth the Harbinger from some kind of… ahem… opening. Then there’s the strange ski-mask wearing Furby perched on top of the Revelation, its twisted left leg idly kicking at the weapon hardpoints.

I am increasingly confused by this image and before you ask, no I’m not smoking anything, but looking at it makes me question my sobriety. Maybe I need a drink?

The Birth of Titans is… mesmerising and divisive. I think I like it, but I’m not certain.

What do you think?

‘The Birth of Titans’ by “VS”

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