The Dreamer

An outfit to dream of!

An outfit to dream of!
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Ysera in the Grove, staring dreamingly at a sky full of stars.

Ysera’s garb is especially designed to show off her shininess during the night, her favourite time of the day. As I’m in love with the Sylvari armours, most of Ysera’s outfit is very planty (although the Snapdragon “coat” can be exchanged for Masquerade Raiments if less chest exposure is required). You may have guessed my favourite colour, which is reflected in Ysera’s skincolour and the weapons she carries.

The look:

  • Orchid Helm (Sylvari T2)
  • Snapdragon Coat (Sylvari T1) or Masquerade Raiments
  • Dryad Gloves (Sylvari T3)
  • Snapdragon Leggings (Sylvari T1)
  • Dryad Boots (Sylvari T3)
  • Fervid Censer
  • Vision of the Mists/Zenith Blade/The Anomaly

The colours:

Ysera in Rata Sum (see also the header).


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