The Gaming Community, A Love/Hate Relationship

Oh gaming community.... how I love/hate you.
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Since I started writing in April of last year my perspective of the gaming industry has changed. I used to think everyone was grouchy and jaded, and to a certain extent that’s correct. The amount of filthy minds who harass and degrade the developers, journalist, and women in the industry is appalling. And that same community is what I love about video games. In the 30 years I’ve breathed, I’ve met some of the nicest people from the very same industry.

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First and foremost, I’ve been playing games since I can remember. The game that turned me into a ‘gamer for life’ was Final Fantasy III. The incredible story, the classes, and that pixel art just drew me and forged a path of video game enjoyment for the rest of my days. As I got older I began to realize actual people spend years of their life creating something that entertains me for a measly couple of hours – comparatively.

Here we go…

That brings me to my point about the negativity in the industry. Despite the sacrifice developers endure from their personal lives, some people think they’re entitled to whatever and whenever because they paid $60.

The most popular example I can think of are the death threats to a Call of Duty: Black Ops developer. These threats washed over this individual because of a millisecond of an adjustment to the firing rate of a gun.

This message is to an ex-Call of Duty dev.

Just a few weeks ago one of the co-founders of IndieStatik harassed a woman who was just trying to help him find out information regarding a game. This anonymous female agreed to an interview to discuss the imbalance that plagues the industry. That women and other diverse groups get treated poorly and have little to no representation in games. That statement applies to both the creative/developer side and the journalism side.

These issues seem rudimentary to solve, yet discussing them creates so much discourse that major publishers seem afraid to take those risks. That means addressing issues in the work place and in the actual games they create. The seemingly lack of compassion and understanding for another bleeding human being, at times makes me wonder if I’ve delved into the right profession.

The other side of the coin

Other times, I know this is the best possible place for me. Having been involved with the journalism community for only a few months, my perspective on the industry takes a 180. Every day I wake up I’m greeting with a “good morning” or “how are you today” via Skype or Twitter. The group of people who devote their life to writing about games have inspired me to do my best and be a positive influence.

It’s been comforting to find other mature adults that are as passionate about games as I. I’ve had discussions with other freelancer’s on Skype that go well past midnight. Talking about racism, game mechanics, anything your average person would look at you crazy for.


I’ve also enjoyed gaming sessions with fellow journalists as we break down character flaws and texture pops. These same odd people are just as keen to promote and be involved with countless charities too.

Gamers over the years have supported a plethora of various causes to help Children’s Hospitals, fund research for mental illnesses, even help combat cancer. I’ve seen people take on projects that only enrich the community like Good Game Writing. Journalists like Leif Johnson, Jake Magee, and Tommy Roberts constantly share with me their knowledge of the industry and do so willingly. These are just a few of the things and people who have had a positive influence on my person life and my writing.

Looking to the future

Having worked in numerous types of industries like manufacturing, medical, and customer service, I must say the gaming community is like none other. There’s a range of what seems like ill-wishing individuals filled with hate. Then the polar opposite with completely selfless thinking folks filled with love. Most of my interactions are with the latter, and I hope it stays that way for years to come.


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