The Golden Guardian of Gunnar’s Hold

Gold? That's bold no doubt, but it works very well here. The true "guardian of guardians" look which often turns heads and garners whispers amongst the crowd. This is definitely a trend setter.

Gold is an understatement

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Here we have Takoji, the Golden Guardian of Gunnar’s Hold, instrumental aficionado. The outfit itself screams “HERO OF TYRIA” and hero he is indeed.

A master of the flute, you can often see him strutting around Queensdale serenading the wildlife with his instrumental prowess.

” Clad in Quicksilver from his Legendary; Juggernaut,
he truly outshines the heroes of Tyria “

Why the outfit?

I wanted to create the definitive hero-look of Tyria, what better way to clad a guardian up in gold and red to give that heroic, prestigious and noble flair!

What’s in the outfit?
  • Tier 3 Cultural Helm, Pauldrons, Gauntlets and Boots
  • Banded Chestplate
  • Draconic Leggings
  • Pyre Dye
  • Blood Dye
  • Flame Dye
Fashion spreading across the worlds!

The look of the guardian of guardians has garnered popularity with people. Many people are flocking to become the golden guardian and with it, a new fashion trend has begun.

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Image of Takoji